Reproducibility of Foreign LanguageTeaching Research

An outreach website for a research project on the reproducibility of foreign language teaching research. The research project is being conducted mainly in Japan, and this page is a translated version of the original website.

There has been a striking increase in interest on the reproducibility of scientific research in various academic fields. Foreign language teaching research, which is the focus of this website, should not be an exception to this trend. However, starting with a simple question like "is foreign language teaching research reproducible?", gives rise to numerous difficult questions.

“From the outset, can we pursue the question of reproducibility in a field that is not part of the natural sciences? If so, what types of research methods are required?"

This website presents information on our research project, which examines the aforementioned questions. This work is supported by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research number JP20H01284.



  • This project originally began with the simple question "Is foreign language teaching research reproducible?" after encountering the reproducibility crisis in psychology.

  • Our team is now simultaneously conducting eight replications of studies in each of the following research areas in foreign language teaching:

    • Writing

    • Listening

    • Speaking

    • Reading

    • Vocabulary

    • Grammar

    • Motivation

    • Strategy

  • We shall integrate the results of all the replication studies above using Bayesian statistics and with open code and open data disciplines.

  • ... and shall continue discussing everything related to the issue "reproducibility of foreign language teaching research".



  • KIDA, Shusaku, Ph.D (Doshisha University, Japan) : The project manager, Vocabulary studies

  • HIROMORI, Tomohito, Ph.D (Meiji University, Japan): Motivation studies

  • HOSHINO, Yuko, Ph.D (Chiba University, Japan): Reading studies

  • ISHII, Yutaka, Ph.D (Chiba University, Japan): Writing studies

  • ISODA, Takamichi, Ph.D (Ritsumeikan University, Japan): Speaking studies

  • KUSANAGI, Kunihiro, Ph.D (Prefectual Univerisity of Hiroshima, Japan): Analyses

  • MIZUMOTO, Atsushi, Ph.D (Kansai University, Japan): Strategy studies

  • TOKUOKA, Masaru, Ph.D (University of Human Enviroments, Japan): Analyses

  • YAMATO, Kazuhito, Ph.D (Kobe University, Japan): Speaking studies

  • YAMAUCHI, Yuka, Ph.D (Hiroshima University, Japan): Listening studies

  • WATARI, Yoichi, Ph.D (Chukyo University, Japan): Grammar studies